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Experiences from an Indigenous/Native American Digital Artist Growing Up in America

Neebinnaukzhik Southall, an Indigenous artist and digital designer, discusses growing up in America, indigenous culture and representation, and problematic Disney movies with our host, Marina Nuñez.

Transforming Through The Lens of a Business Coach in America

Carissa Begonia, founder of Conscious XChange, discusses her transition from working in corporate America to being an entrepreneur and the role of a business coach for entrepreneurs. She also touches on her experiences growing up and working in corporate America as a Filipino American.

Bonus Episode 2: Into The Journey of Living Between Cultures - Mexico/US

In this bonus episode part 2, Marina and Habib continue to share their personal experiences on what it was like growing up between cultures in the US.

Bonus Episode 1: Into The Journey of Living Between Cultures - Mexico/US

In this bonus episode, Marina and Habib discuss the process of how they navigated their intersectional identities while adjusting to the complex systems of social categorizations (race, ethnicity, nationality, etc) within the United States. As they have realized the stark differences in the realities of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Indigenous folks, they discuss ways of how LatinX people can take accountability and be real allies in the fight to uplift Indigenous experiences and voices.

Into The Journey of a Bootstrap Solopreneur

Jay Desai, Founder of Swpely discusses the foundational knowledge of his business and personal growth over the years. He candidly touches on the reality of being a "solopreneur". Jay also relates his Indian American experiences to his ability to make human connections across the digital marketing community.

When an Engineer becomes a Social Media Manager Extraordinaire

Momina Asif discusses her experiences with sexism and mental health in her personal and professional life, as well as her time as an engineer and why she, ultimately, chose a career of content writing instead.

When Black Excellence Meets Art and Design in the 21's Century

In this episode, guest Emmanuel Ajayi shares his experiences of being a branding strategist and photographer in the UK, along with the racism and setbacks he faced in school and his career.

How to Promote Diversity, Inclusion & Equity in a Digital Age

In this episode, guest Fionna Wright shares her experiences of being an African American performance marketing manager and a mom to her 7-year-old daughter. Specifically, how DEI efforts, or lack thereof, have affected her professional and personal life.

Meet Your Host: Marina Nuñez , CEO - Kanerani

In this episode, "Marketing For All" Host, ‪Marina Nuñez‬, talks about her experiences as an Indigenous Latinx person in the professional world of marketing and advertising.

Introduction: Marketing For All Podcast

Welcome to Marketing For All, a podcast centered around BIPOC business owners and professionals sharing their experiences in the ever-changing world of marketing!

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