Bonus Episode 1: Into The Journey of Living Between Cultures - Mexico/US

In this bonus episode, Marina and Habib discuss the process of how they navigated their intersectional identities while adjusting to the complex systems of social categorizations (race, ethnicity, nationality, etc) within the United States. As they have realized the stark differences in the realities of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Indigenous folks, they discuss ways of how LatinX people can take accountability and be real allies in the fight to uplift Indigenous experiences and voices.
In this episode of Marketing For All!

Marina and Habib review the commonalities in their experiences as individuals with cultural ties to Mexico. Throughout their dialogue, Marina and Habib note the evident parallels between the U.S and Mexico regarding their colonial history and systems of race. As they delve deep in the origins of Mexican and Mexican-American culture, they reveal hard truths about the mainstream ideas and practices many folks have come to claim as authentic. Marina and Habib seek to create meaningful discourse within the Mexican community, in hopes of defying false cultural narratives and bringing marginalized experiences to light. 

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