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Welcome to Marketing For All, a podcast centered around BIPOC business owners and professionals sharing their experiences in the ever-changing world of marketing!
Welcome to the Intro Episode Of Marketing For All. This will be a monthly podcast that brings the voices of BΙPOC business owners and professionals who have used marketing for their growth. This is the place for us to share our experiences in the ever-changing marketing world. If you are a business, corporation, or just wanting to learn about diversity and inclusion, listen to this podcast. You can find out more about this podcast at

Marina: Welcome to marketing for all. Before we dive into the first episode, I am your podcast host,‪ Marina Nuñez. I am the CEO and founder of the marketing agency Kanerani. This podcast will bring the voices of everyone to the forefront, particularly about the experiences of BIPOC professionals in the marketing industry, and how we are slowly shaping the way companies advertise. If you want to stay up to date on how you can be more inclusive and promote diversity in your business marketing, stay tuned and follow our podcast. 

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